Curiosity takes Li’l Lilli Lamb on adventures that leave her seeking, needing, wanting, and finding the hand of the Shepherd. This picture book shows an act of faith that children can relate to of the Shepherd caring for His lamb. It is a loving image of the faithfulness of the Shepherd and His care of Li’l Lilli. 

This unique BOOK is now available. You can read stories bout the book and events in our NEWS section. There you can discover opportunities for attending events surrounding the launch of Curious Li’l Lilli—this new children’s book. We will have gallery exhibits where you can get your books signed while we will also be showcasing the original lino prints

This enduring book was written by Karlene Kay Ryan and beautifully illustrated with hand-carved linoleum block prints by Rich Brimer. Below are a few of the prints that have been colorized for “Curious Li’l Lilli.”