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In the heart of the Mission Ranch, where fluffy clouds dotted the azure sky near the sea and grass danced with a gentle breeze, there lived a lamb named Lilli. But not just any lamb – she was the most curious and adventurous little lamb you could ever imagine. With a heart on her head as white as freshly fallen snow and eyes that sparkled like the morning dew, Lilli was known far and wide as “Curious Li’l Lilli.”

Every day, instead of nibbling on the sweet grass like the other lambs, Lilli would wander off into the meadow, her tiny hooves carrying her on grand adventures. From the babbling brook chasing frogs, to the tallest hills, there was no corner left unexplored by this daring lamb.

But, as you might expect, Li’l Lilli’s curiosity often led her into tricky situations. Whether it was chasing a fluttering butterfly, or getting tangled in a thicket of flowers, Lilli found herself in predicaments that left her little heart pounding with excitement.

Luckily, the sheep had a wise and caring shepherd who watched over his flock with a gentle eye. When Curious Li’l Lilli found herself in a bind, it was the shepherd who would come to her rescue, guiding her back to safety with a warm smile and a reassuring pat.

Join us as we embark on enchanting journeys with Curious Li’l Lilli, where every misadventure becomes a lesson, and every lesson is learned with a heart full of joy. Through the meadows and hills, under the vast, starry skies of Meadowville, this is a tale of curiosity, friendship, and the boundless love that a shepherd has for his most adventurous little lamb. So, let the pages turn and the adventures unfold – for Curious Li’l Lilli is ready to capture your heart and imagination!

This unique BOOK is now available. You can read stories bout the book and events in our NEWS section. There you can discover opportunities for attending events surrounding the launch of Curious Li’l Lilli—this new children’s book. We will have gallery exhibits where you can get your books signed while we will also be showcasing the original lino prints.

This enduring book was written by Karlene Kay Ryan and beautifully illustrated with hand-carved linoleum block prints by Rich Brimer. Below are a few of the prints that have been colorized for “Curious Li’l Lilli.”s