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Curious Li’l Lilli is off to the publisher

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The cover of our book shows Li’l Lilli curiously chasing after a butterfly. 

Off to the publisher…

Hi everyone. Our book has been finished and we are happy to announce that Curious Li’l Lilli is finally off to the publisher and should be available to purchase in the coming weeks. Karlene and Rich will be getting advance copies of the book and they will be signing them for those that purchase them from here. We will also be sharing links to other sites such as Amazon where you can buy in bulk, so you can use them in classroom environments and small groups. 

As artists, we find that curiosity is one of our most valued attributes. It allows us to explore nature and the world around us. However, this can get us in situations where we can find ourselves in need of a helping hand. Li’l Lilli is a precocious little lamb. When she explores her small world, she sees so many new things such as this butterfly, a hopping frog, or flowers in a meadow. Karlene will be creating a study guide that can be used in conjunction with this story. At the end of the book, we have included several biblical passages that explore the relationship of sheep to the Great Shepherd. In this parable, Lilli seeks the help of the shepherd when she gets lost or in need of help, just like we often seek guidance from the Great Shepherd. We hope you will enjoy using this inspirational parable to encourage many children in your own lives.