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Sheep and Water

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Today we begin with a story. This is the story of how a curious lamb became the subject of our children’s book. Karlene Kay Ryan and Rich Brimer have been working on the story of Curious Li’l Lilli and the detailed linoleum block carvings and prints to bring you this book.

Over 30 years ago, Rich created the print you see above. He was inspired by a story about how the older sheep in a flock, the ones that have had a few years of experience with the shepherd, would willingly cross a river when it was time. You see, sheep are not great swimmers and it takes some getting used to. In fact, they can get carried away in a swift stream because they can bob along the top with their full Wolley coat. The older sheep will cross first and get the task over with and get some sun, while the little lambs will watch and learn from their elder sheep. Cautiously these lambs enter the flow and will try to make it across on their first journey. The frightened lambs may not see the shepherd. But don’t worry, He is always there to rescue, this time waiting downstream for any sheep that might get carried away. Once they all make the journey safely, they can enjoy the rest of the day together.